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I used to workout every day years ago, and as I aged, the motivation just fizzled out. By that point I was having joint issues and extra weight that made working out more difficult. I was trying to do the same workouts that I did from the past, but it was too hard. Amy worked with me on the correct exercises specific to me for my joints, and of course wanting to look better, but overall she taught me a new way of thinking about exercise. Then I broke my hand. I thought working out would be impossible, but she modified workouts so I could continue. She has been so accommodating and patient to any physcial limitations that arise. I would highly recommend her. You'll learn a lot.

Jamie Weller, Utah

At 52, I decided to learn how to paddle an outrigger canoe and join a racing team. I quickly learned that I needed to gain a lot of strength and mobility to do well in this sport. Amy created a 3-day-a-week full body weight training program and provided nutrition guidance that enabled me to put on 15 pounds of muscle while also leaning out. She gave me mobility exercises to perform before each paddling practice, which helped open up my shoulders, hips, and upper back. I went from not being able to perform a single pull-up to being able to do 9 unassisted pull ups in one go, and saw strength gains throughout my body. I have never had this much muscle, and I am seeing real results during my paddling practices. 

David Tubman, Hawaii

Getting older I began to be concerned about my balance as well as some back troubles.  I started working with Amy who immediately developed a training program to address these issues.  Each session would provide different exercises for improvement. After about a month of in-person training with Amy and diligently doing the balance homework she gave me, I felt more stable and confident during my daily walks around the neighborhood, and saw increases in my overall strength. Oh, and have you ever walked into a room as you got older and forgot why you were there?  Amy developed some physically and mentally challenging tasks that were very helpful in stimulating both my brain and coordination.  But more importantly, Amy made the sessions challenging and fun.  Instead of dreading a class, I look forward to my time spent with her each week.

Rosie Andre, Hawaii

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